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OWLRIGHT ADVISORS LLP isn't just another marketing consulting firm. We are  a new-age marketing advisory and marketing services company, formed with the mission of helping Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Start-ups in India realize their growth potential with the right set of customised and reasonably priced marketing diagnosis, advise and services. All under one roof!

OWLRIGHT ADVISORS is founded by seasoned marketing professionals having collective experience of over 50 years, across industries and leading Indian corporate entities namely Bajaj Electricals, Pidilite Industries, IDBI Capital, Reliance Capital, H&R Johnson (India). Besides, managing existing brand and products, we have expertise in planning market entry strategies and launch of new businesses and products.

On the one hand, India has become a start-up hub. Opportunity for growth is enormous, which we have never seen before. Each year thousands of new ventures start up. However, research shows that a lot of them fail early on! And one of the key reasons is inadequate popularity of the brand and its products or services, due to the lack or absence of a strong marketing plan and execution.

On the other hand, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) sector has emerged as a highly vibrant and dynamic sector of the Indian economy over the last few decades. However, many second generation onward entrepreneurs do not wish to continue doing business the same way. There is a rising brand-consciousness among the second and third generation successors of these family-owned businesses. MSMEs are also moving out of their traditional comfort zone and looking at growth avenues, but aren't able to diagnose the right problems.

But the fact is, not many start-ups and small & medium enterprises (SMEs) can afford the luxury of hiring the services of an advertising agency or build an in-house marketing team for their marketing requirements. The needs of these enterprises are different, they have much smaller budgets earmarked for branding and advertising and cannot afford to enter into long-term engagement with marketing service providers or hiring people. Moreover, larger service providers often are unaffordable, unresponsive and at times even unapproachable. And working with multiple freelancers requires a lot of time and effort.

Secondly, most business owners and promoters have are totally tied-up with core activities like production, funding, and more.

But there's an increasingly large set of entrepreneurs who want to build their brand, constantly appeal to the changing consumer needs and preferences and need the right branding and marketing partner.

An increasingly popular option for businesses is to engage with marketing consultants on a retainer or on-demand basis. However, most consultants bring only strategic capabilities on the table. But, we can help you with your 360-degree needs of marketing, from strategy building to execution and monitoring. We can help you build deeper brand connections with customer and grow your brand value.

Our founders will work closely with you and your team to effectively diagnose, strategise and deploy brand strategies and initiatives. And having been on the client side themselves, they have the expertise to work with big and small agencies and service providers, with large and tight budgets and strict timelines.

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An Owl is believed to be the only bird that can take off vertically from the ground and the only bird which can attack its prey without making any sound. It is also known for its highly superior listening skills and head rotation up to 270 degrees in horizontal axis and 180 degrees in the vertical axis, allowing it to instantly look in any direction, even during flight. Added to it, is its envious ability of night vision, which helps it see clearly in pitch darkness, when others cannot. These unique attributes make Owl a strategic and wise creature. Similarly, OWLRIGHT ADVISORS offers years of collective experience, wisdom, diagnostic solutions and fine execution capabilities in every area of branding and marketing.

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